Got Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions which will help you in understanding the website.

Real Estate Forum India (REFI) Overview

What is REFI? Who uses it and why should I use it?

REFI is forum cum social media site dedicated for Real Estate professional.

How can I use REFI? Is it free or will I have to pay?

Using REFI is completely free and will the free for lifetime. There is no hidden charges.

Is there any age restriction to use REFI?

There is no Age restriction. Any one who is interested in Real Estate can be part of our community.

Can I search for a specific person on REFI ?

For searching any particular person you can directly search that person name in the search box.

Getting Started

How do I create an account on REFI ?

For creating an account click on the Register page on right top corner on home page. or you can directly click here

Can I invite other people to join REFI ?

Yes you can, if you think any person is interested  Real Estate and he can increase the value of our community.