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      Please follow the following guidelines to maintain the decorum of our platform.
      1. This discussion forum is for educational purposes. Shared knowledge helps us all to learn more. Please respect that this forum is for educational purposes only.
      2. Please hold to a single topic for each thread. Be sure to list your topic in the message header/subject box before sending. This will aid the reader(s) in identifying the topic.
      3. In responding the discussion questions posted, please answer the question completely.
      4. You can suggest ideas, but remember we should base our opinions with evidence, research. You are expected to support your comments with the literature. You are encouraged to post internet links, articles in your postings to aid in understanding.
      5. Original postings and replies should be relevant and contain substance. Please refrain from ‘I agree’ or ‘yes’ replies; this will aid in respecting your classmates time spent in the discussion board.
      6. Please remember people are sensitive towards criticism or perceived criticism, keep responses positive and constructive.
      7. Admin reserve the right to delete any inappropriate message or messages not in accordance with these guidelines.
      8. Please ‘sign’ your post by including your name on the post.
      9. ‘Spell check’ all posts prior to posting.
      10. Please try to communicate in English so as to benefit others.
      11. Do not flood the forum with the same content. Repetitive posts don’t help you get noticed, they just cause nuisance.
      12. Any discussion of, or links to web sites promoting piracy, warez, illegal downloads, cracks, cd keys, illegal file-sharing, pornography, illegal drugs, or any other illegal or similar content WILL BE DELETED without notice. Such discussions and links are totally inappropriate, Such members will be removed immediately.

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